Jan 10, 2014

What's in the Snow?

Hello, my pretties! I'm super excited to finally be able to share my post for What's in the Snow?, a blog tour full of awesomeness that's hosted by Read Books and Live Green and Reviews Abound (now Fly To Fiction)! So, what is What's in the Snow? It's a blog tour of sorts where bloggers share wintery, holiday-esque posts throughout this fine season, and each post comes with a clue, the answer of which goes into a giveaway. It's going to be fun--and maybe a little steamy when you find out what's in my snow...

You know what sucks about the snow? It's cold. And except for when I'm singing the Idina Menzel version of "Let It Go," the cold totally bothers me. So what better way to get warm in the cold than by reading something a little...hot?

Don't worry--I'm not talking about graphic scenes, naughty occurrences (well, what we see isn't naughty), or erotica. The following steamy stories are steamy in several ways, and they're all YA. I'm almost twenty one, and even I'm too young to read some things! (;

(Note: For series, I'll just be posting the first book.)

So, there's this angel...

Hottest. Hand-holding. Ever.

It just gets better and better as the series (one of my favorites) goes on, and we get to see two people in a romance for fifteen books!

I don't understand why everyone hasn't read this.

I've never danced like that before.

Simone Elkeles, the master of steamy YA.

This just filled me with (steaming) butterflies.

We all know about Chapter 62 in Unravel Me, which is obviously hot, but let's not forget about a certain scene on someone's floor and something that a certain someone says before someone's brother interrupts and halts this certain scene.

Proof that vampires are hot.

This series has Noah Shaw, so duh.

The sexual tension, I CANNOT.

Most of the steam happens in Crown of Midnight--though Throne of Glass has its feels--and when my ship sets sail on a fiery ocean of lava. (Sorry. Too much?)

Not necessarily steamy, but this will melt your heart.

There you have it! Some steamy YA books that are sure to melt the snow (whether it's outside or around your heart). And don't forget to answer this clue in the Rafflecopter:

Clue #29: What is the name of the four-sided top 
that is played with during Hanukkah?

Happy (belated) Holidays, my fantastic readers, and happy reading!

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  1. Dear gosh! This is an awesome post! I've only read one or two of the mentioned books, but I've heard good things about most of them! Thanks for participating. :D (I am also singing Let It Go ALL THE TIME by the way.)


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