Jan 17, 2014

Song As Old As Rhyme: Instrumentals, Part Two

Since one of my goals for 2014 is to have a wider variety of posts, last week I shared some instrumentals that I love. I only shared five, but that just wasn't enough, so this week I'm back with seven more. Enjoy!

From Dinosaur: "The Carnotaur Attack"
It's so eerie, and kind of scary and creepy in the beginning. But then it bursts into action and BAM! This instrumental (and scene in the movie) is totally kick butt.

From The Lion King: "...To Die For"
You can totally imagine what's happening in the movie here (even though the stupid soundtrack version is shorter than the movie version). Like "The Carnotaur Attack," this one's full of action. And it's got some background singing going on, which just adds to the effect.

From E.S. Posthumus: "Unstoppable"
In my WIP (that mostly lives in my head), this is a character's theme song. It's just SO EPIC. Like, how can you NOT like this?

From audiomachine: "Day One"
In all honesty, I'm not exactly sure where this is from and if audiomachine is the artist. Although, you may recognize it from the latter half of The Book Thief movie trailer (that's how I found this, and I haven't been super successful in finding the first half). I just love this, in all its simplicity and beautiful sounds.

From Two Steps From Hell: "Fill My Heart (Choir)"
I first heard on this on an in theaters/DVD/on TV/something promotion for Beauty and the Beast and instantly fell in love. It's gorgeous. So freaking good.

From TTL: "Deep Shadow"
I first fell for this beauty when I heard it on the trailer for The Hunger Games. It's just so great and powerful and UGH. You like it, yes?

From Super 8: "Letting Go"
I heard this when I saw the movie and instantly liked it. (That's how I am. I hear a song, I like it, and I hunt it down.) It's so good, especially when it hits around 1:45. And when you hear this played with its scene, it's even more powerful.

I told you I love soundtracks and scores and instrumentals! If you listen to any, share your thoughts with me! And please share some of your favorite instrumentals and scores with me, because I'd love to check them out and find more to listen to!

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