Jan 3, 2014

Check it Out: The Spellbound Series by Sherry Soule

Hello, bookers! I have Sherry Soule on the blog today discussing her Spellbound series! Not only will she be sharing a super awesome playlist, but she'll also give some info on changes in the books, so check it out!

All the previously published books in the series have been completely revamped with more epic romance, sizzling character chemistry, and thrilling new scenes! The revised novels also include exclusive bonus material.

To help promote the new editions, Sherry is doing this awesome guest post to share the update with fellow booklovers!

The Spellbound series is a great mix of Pretty Little Lairs meets Buffy, the Vampire Slayer!

Both of the star-crossed lovers are big music lovers, so there are numerous songs and bands mentioned throughout the series, like 30 Seconds to Mars and Rise Against. The main character, Shiloh, even has a black painted wall in her bedroom covered with random poems, song lyrics, and cutouts from fashion magazines. Her iPod is always on and playing softly in the background. So, Sherry has put together a few of the awesome songs—a collection of her character’s electric tastes in music—mentioned throughout this popular series in this post. Enjoy!

The Playlist

First song that the hero, Trent played for the protagonist, Shiloh. It is almost cute and inquisitive. Best lyric: “Do you feel the way I do right now?” 

In the first book, BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN (part one), this song seemed very appropriate for everything going on between Trent and Shiloh. Best lyric: “I’m getting to love the thought of having you around. And I will never let you down.”

This song expresses their budding romance and strong feelings developing between each other. It was not insta-love for Trent and Shiloh, but more like teenage hormonal lust. But slowly over time, they both realized that their attraction was much deeper than either one of them realized. Best lyric: Whenever I’m alone with you. You make me feel like I am home again…”

I freakin’ love this song. It has the perfect lyrics for their complicated relationship. Both of these teens are insecure and afraid to love because they’ve been burned before. Best lyric: So I won’t let you close enough to hurt me. No, I won’t ask you, you to just desert me I can’t give you what you think you gave me It’s time to say goodbye to turning tables, to turning tables…”

This song is really Trent’s song about himself and how he feels about the dysfunctional relationship that he has with his father. Best lyric: I’m strong on the surface
Not all the way through. I’ve never been perfect. But neither have you.”

This is Shiloh’s song about how she is growing up and becoming a stronger woman. One that her dad would be proud of. Best lyric: “So go on and scream. Scream at me I’m so far away, I won’t be broken again…”

This song is really both Trent and Shiloh’s plea for love and acceptance. And how they want to save each other from the years of hurtful parental rejection in their lives. Best lyric: Leading you down into my core where I’ve become so numb. Without a soul, my spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold. Until you find it there and lead it back home.”

This song has a special place in my heart because it represents both of the characters inner struggles to find inner peace. Best lyric: These wounds won’t seem to heal. This pain is just too real. There’s just too much that time cannot erase.”

This melody reveals what Shiloh feels about crushing hard on Trent. Best lyric: “Right from the start. You were a thief, you stole my heart. And I your willing victim. I let you see the parts of me That weren’t all that pretty, And with every touch you fixed them.”

These lyrics really mean a lot to Trent. He knew lying to Shiloh was a big mistake and it almost ruined their relationship. By losing her, he finally realized how much she meant to him. Best lyric: “I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter. I had to fall to lose it all…”

Since Trent chooses most of the music while he and Shiloh are hanging together, this song was his way of expressing his feelings without exposing them. Best lyric: “And I wonder if I ever cross your mind? For me it happens all the time.”

The lyrics of this song are interesting and really display the strong bond that is slowly forming between the two love interests. Trent tells her in one scene: “It’s you and me against the Underworld.” And he meant it. Best lyric: “I was standing. You were there. Two worlds collided. And they could never ever tear us apart…”

Definitely, Trent’s song to Shiloh about how he’s feeling in regards to their relationship. Best lyric: “Something about you now, I can’t quite figure out. Everything she does is beautiful. Everything she does is right…”

This is completely Shiloh’s song, as she gets more and more confident about her witchy powers, which culminates (thus far) in a very kick-ass battle. That she wins. Best lyric: “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire. ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar…”

Every time I write about Shiloh missing her dad, this song runs through my head. What teenaged girl thinks about all the things she won’t get to do with her dad when he’s no longer that constant, stabilizing presence in her life? Best lyric: “Trying her wings out in a great big world.”

Shiloh has spent her entire life looking for love and acceptance. The only stable element had been her dad. With his death, even though Shiloh was consumed with vengeance, this would be her moment of clarity. When she had that ‘ah-ha’ moment and realized that she really cared about Trent. Best lyric: “All along I believed I would find you.”

This is the Ariana and Shiloh song. Shows what Ari means to Shiloh, and how they’ve been through thick and thin together. Best lyric: “I’ve been wandering round. But I still come back to you, in rain or shine, you’ve stood by me, girl…”

This is without a doubt, Shiloh’s favorite song right now. She plays the song whenever she needs to get ready for a fight or boost up her confidence. Best lyric: “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller. Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone. What doesn't kill you makes a fighter; footsteps even lighter…”

Shiloh loves this song because it’s about respecting nature and the environment. Best lyric: “Nature is a precious gift. It will make your spirits lift. Love the earth with your fire. It's in your world—your one desire…”

Well, that about encompasses the wide range of different songs and bands mentioned in this spellbinding new YA series. Hope you enjoyed the post!

The Book
Title: Beautifully Broken
Author: Sherry Soule
Publisher: Moonlight Publishing
Publishing Date: June 26, 2011
Pages: 301
Goodreads Amazon
Barnes & Noble

Deadly Witchcraft. Ghostly Threats. Doomed Romance. 

They say every town has its secrets, but that doesn’t even begin to describe Fallen Oaks. The townsfolk are a superstitious lot and the mystical disappearance of a local teen has everyone murmuring about a centuries old witch’s curse. 

When sixteen-year-old Shiloh Trudell takes a summer job at Craven Manor, she discovers a ghost with an agenda. That’s where she meets the new town hottie, Trent Donovan, and immediately becomes enchanted by his charms. 

Finally, Shiloh’s met someone who is supercute and totally into her, but Trent is immersed in the cunning deception that surrounds the mysterious Craven Manor. So much so that he may lose sight of what is truly important to him. And she can’t decide whether she wants to shake him or kiss him. Yet neither one of them can deny the immediate, passionate connection growing between them. 

With cryptic messages from a pesky wraith, Shiloh will finally begin to understand the mysterious significance of the strange mark branded on her wrist and decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice to protect the other teenagers in town.

Unfortunately, for Shiloh, not all ghosts want help crossing over. Some want vengeance.

The Author
Sherry Soule lives with her family and one very spoiled black cat in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the bestselling author of the paranormal romance novel, "Immortal Eclipse" and the popular YA series: Spellbound. She writes thrilling tales of romance and suspense, often mingled with a dash of the paranormal.
Aside from writing, she enjoys reading poetry, online shopping, digging through flea markets, and exploring old cemeteries and Victorian mansions. She is a major shopaholic and bookaholic, with an epic flair for fashion. Her love of literature began when she was a young girl and it has continued throughout her life.

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