Dec 17, 2013

YA Superlative Blogfest: Day 2

It's that time of year...when the year is almost over. And when the year starts wrapping up, people typically share their favorite whatevers of the year. For us bookish folk, the Class of 2013 YA Superlative Blogfest is one way to do that. The Fest takes place over four days, with four themes and over forty categories. And of course it's all bookish! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, or participate yourself! Yesterday we shared what books we thought were at the Head of the Class, and today it's all just a...

Popularity Contest

-This is only from books released in 2013, and while books may repeat, characters will not.
-I'm not the best at picking and choosing, but I'm going to try!
-Here's the deal. I could put characters from the Morganville Vampires down for several of these categories. So instead of doing that, I'm going to put MV: Character Name where an MV character applies, and that way I can share more of the character love!

Class Clown
Kenji Kishimoto
Kenji's one of those secondary characters who needs a story of his own. The dude's freaking hilarious. I'm pretty sure that if he was put in today's world, he'd be a class clown.
MV: The Glass House Gang and, well, everyone

Most Likely To 
Become A Rockstar
Kiri Byrd & Skunk
There's a scene in this book that shows that these two are meant to be rockstars (I'd see them in concert).
MV: Michael Glass

Most Likely To Start A Riot
He's the big bad wolf. If he needs to start a riot to survive, he will. (After reading Cress, you'll know that he could totally start a riot if he needed to get something he wanted...)
MV: Shane Collins

Biggest Flirt
Prince Maxon Schreave
This is kind of a given, since he's basically living an episode of The Bachelor. But he does get quite flirty in this sequel. *glares at book*

Fashion King
If you've read the book, you know that Morpheus has an interesting sense of style. (Plus, he's in Wonderland.) I'm not really sure who else could be the Fashion King.
MV: Myrnin

Fashion Queen
America Singer
She gets to wear prom dresses, red carpet wear, and all the gorgeous things all the time!
MV: Eve Rosser

Girl You'd Most 
Want For Your BFF
We are alike in so many ways and she's so relatable, so I think we'd be great BFFs! (Until I stole her boyfriend. Because I love Levi.)
MV: Claire Danvers

Boy You Wish You'd 
Dated In High School
Shane Collins
I'm only putting a MV book here because I cannot and do not want to choose one boy from the books I've read this year and because I LOVE SHANE COLLINS AND HE'S MY NUMBER ONE.

Most Likely To Become President
Lilac LaRoux
Really, this could go to Lilac or Tarver (Mr. & Mrs. President!). But I chose Lilac because of what she knows and has learned because of her father, and the connections she has. Plus, I think she has the drive to be President--and a good one, one for the people, at that.

Quirkiest Character
Everyone in this book is freaking quirky, and if I had to pick just one, I'm not really sure who I'd choose.
MV: Myrnin

Villain You Love To Hate
Oh, Warner, I don't know what to do (or think) about you.
MV: Oliver

Favorite Parental Figure
The Sheridans
Park's parents were very well-written, believable, and real.

Coolest Nerd
People call her Astrid the Genius. And she knows, like, everything. She's a total nerd, but she's also so much more than that and so totally awesome.


  1. Morpheus is SUCH a fashion king! I wish I had thought of this instead of skipping that category!

  2. I almost picked Cath for the BFF pick too, cause I know she'd be cool to hang out with!

  3. We share some of the same answer here: Kenji, Warner... I think you're so right about the full cast of THE DREAM THIEVES fitting the Quirkiest Character superlative. It's impossible to choose just one!

  4. Morpheus was a great character. I only wish I could have put the cover for the next book under the Fashion King title. Have you seen it? He's on the cover and so cool looking!

  5. Lilac would be an amazing president!

  6. I love that you picked Park's parents for Favorite Parental Figure. They're so realistically flawed, yet their love for the boys (and eventually Eleanor) shines through. Rainbow Rowell rocks. :-)


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