Dec 17, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (63)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

Top Ten New-To-Me 
Authors I Read In 2013

New-to-me can mean a number of things, but I decided to mention ten authors I've read for the first time this year. There were actually quite a few authors I read for the first time this year, and they all stood out for some reason. And here are ten of them!

Rainbow Rowell
Fangirl and Eleanor & Park are two of my favorite books of the year, and I've said that Rainbow could write a book about two garbage cans falling in love and I'd read it. So yeah. She's most definitely on this list.

Katie Cotugno
I have so much adoration for How to Love, and Katie's writing was stunning--so much so that I'll definitely be on the lookout for more books from her.

John Green
Yes, I had not read a John Green before this year. But I read one. And MY GOSH.

Megan Shepherd
Megan's debut was amazing, from the writing to the story. (But ahhh, that ending!) She's definitely someone whose books I will keep reading.

Eliot Schrefer
Eliot first had my heart when he wrote a book with bonobos. And now he's writing a quartet of books with great apes (bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans)? YES YES YES.

Hilary T. Smith
I rarely put quotes in my reviews, but this one is filled with them.

Kasie West
The Distance Between Us was too stinkin' cute, and now I want to read All the Kasie West Books.

Ashley Elston
Ashley's debut is probably one of my favorites year, and one of the most enjoyable. I'll be ringing in the New Year with the sequel, which I'm super excited for. And I'm interested to see what's next from her!

Jodi Meadows
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Incarnate, and I'm eager (and sad) to finish the series next year and read her new series when it's out. Plus she writes a really good story. (And a certain, sigh-worthy boy.)

Susan Ee
I read Angelfall quite recently and really, really liked it. And I was stoked that the hype did not disappoint. I finally got my hands on World After and am eager to see what Susan brings next!


  1. Rainbow Rowell made my list too!! She's so good. I'm glad you read John Green this year! I love his books. You should read Looking for Alaska... it's crazy-good. And it's short too. I want to read The Madman's Daughter before the 2nd book comes out next month!! That series looks creepy and awesome!

    My TTT

  2. How To Love is one of my favorite new books. I loved that book so much, I don't know what to do with myself. I own every version of that book available. Kasie West, Rainbow Rowell, and Jodi Meadows made my list as well!

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books
    My TTT

  3. Lots of love for Rainbow Rowell this week! I've yet to see a list without her mentioned. And apparently I'm missing out on Kasie West!

  4. Kasie West made my list as well!
    I LOVED The Fault In Our Stars, so amazing ;-)
    Great list.
    Em @

  5. Wild Awake did have some awesome quotes didn't it? I still don't know how I felt about that book, but I know I felt something!
    My TTT

  6. Lots of good authors on your list...some of them I count as my favorites. Too bad the writing and publishing of books takes so long because I just want more more more from them!

    My TTT is here.

  7. I loved The Distance Between Us by Kasie West! I really need to read Pivot Point! I am also so happy that I read Angelfall- it was just as amazing as everyone told me it would be! I still need to read a Rainbow Rowell book!

  8. SO FREAKING HAPPY that you read Angelfall!!! :D :D :D And also TFiOS but I feel like "happy" and TFiOS don't really go together, so yeah. Good job for reading that. ;_;

  9. Rainbow Roweel is on my list too. Awesme! I can't wait to read Angelfall and The Distance Between Us. I am going to read them over Christmas break!
    My TTT
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. John Green really is an incredible writer. I loved Susan Ee's work too. There are a lot of these authors works that I need to read too.

    My TTT :)

  11. I've not heard much buzz about Endangered, but you're making me want to read it. *goes to investigate*

  12. Katie Cotugno definitely surprised me with How to Love this year, I can't believe that I forgot to mention her on my list! I also loved Angelfall, so I'm glad to see it make an appearance on your list! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  13. Great Top Ten! Rainbow Rowell and Susan Ee are on my list as well. I loved Fangirl to pieces and I really enjoyed Angelfall. I haven't read Rainbow's other 2 books and I haven't read World After yet, but I'm hoping to soon!

  14. I'm raeding Rainbow Rowell right now! Just finished ELEANOR AND PARK and started FANGIRL! Oh, I have HOW TO LOVE. Katie Cotugno will have to be a 2014 read :( John Green, yes! Megan Shepherd...I hear such good thingsw about her! Loved finding out that blogger The Intern was really Hilary T. Smith! so great! Kasie West..I still need to read THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US, but I enjoyed PIVOT POINT! I love love love love love Jodi Meadows! Alexa from Alexa Loves Books and I are co-sponsoring Jodi's official read-a-thon January 12=Feb. 2. Join us??

  15. Love your list! Rainbow made mine as well. I'm glad you really like the Newsoul trilogy. Team Sam welcomes you! And I'm really glad to hear you liked Kasie's and Ashley's books. I'm hoping to read them asap in 2014!

    Mary @ Mary Had a Little Book Blog
    My TTT

  16. I really, really need to read some Rainbow Rowell - her books sound amazing and I hear nothing but good things! I also really want to read Kasie West's and Susan Ee's books next year too! :) My TTT.


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