Dec 10, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (62)

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Top Ten Books On My Winter TBR

I looked back at the my Top Ten Books On My Fall 2013 TBR List and, yay me, I actually read most of them! I'm hoping the same goes for my winter list. Because I couldn't quite narrow down the list, I decided to make it fourteen books that I plan to read this winter, since it's the winter of 2014. So! Here are fourteen books I hope to get read this winter (and since I'm near Seattle, it's bound to be a cold one)!

Second is the best...
I very recently read Throne of Glass, and while I didn't love it, I did like it. That said, I'm actually quite eager to read the sequel, which I've heard is even better than its predecessor. However, there are several holds on this book at the library, and I'm about to just ask for it for Christmas (or scrounge up money to buy my own copy, even though I don't have time to read it right now, anyway).

I'm actually reading Angelfall right now (or I might possibly be finished with it, depending on when you're reading this post and how fast I read the book). I'm not even halfway through and I've already requested World After from the library (though I'm pretty sure I'll be asking for both books for Christmas). I don't want to speak too soon about Angelfall and jinx it, but so far it's pretty darn good, and I'm certain I'll be wanting to read the sequel (though I'm not sure how to pronounce Raffe's name and if I'm doing it how I think it is I don't like it).

The end of an era.
I don't mean to sound inappropriate or anything (heck, maybe I do), but this book will probably keep me warm this winter, if you know what I mean. *wink wink*

Early reviews are pretty positive surrounding this one, thank gosh. (I'm very wary of series endings, and books in general, really, after a certain book I read a couple months ago.) I'm sad to see this series go, but I look forward to seeing what happens next with Ana and Sam (sigh).

Before it was a movie...
Confession: I actually started this book just before the movie hit theaters. But I was in a slump and was kind of bored with it at around halfway through, so I put it down. However, I've heard that I should read the book before seeing the movie, and I do want to finish the book, so I'm hoping to get that done soon.

Yes, I haven't read this series (or any Richelle Mead book, for that matter). But I've been wanting to read this series for quite some time, and since the movie is out next February (I think), it seems like the perfect time to get started. Plus, it has vampires, and I love vampires!

Binge, baby!
Ah, another series that I haven't read yet but probably should have. I've been wanting to start Under the Never Sky for quite some time, so I'm excited to finally start it. And since I have the entire series, aside from the novellas, I'm thinking of making it my first series read/binge of the year (depending on my mood).

Somebody's coming to town!
I saw Ransom back in June (he was here with Tahereh Mafi, and I didn't know they were in a relationship, and my gosh, I was shipping them so hard), and I'm excited that he's coming back! However, I have yet to read any of his books. So before he comes I'd like to at least have Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children read.

Laurie Halse Anderson is coming to town, and I am excited! I've read Speak and Fever 1793 (and part of Catalyst, all years ago), but that's it. Since she's on tour for The Impossible Knife of Memory and I have an ARC, it's kind of fitting that I read this one this winter.

Review, review, review!
I'm hoping this is light and cute like Meant to Be!

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite things, so of course I'm excited to read this!

After the delicious madness that was The Madman's Daughter (and that damn ending), I'm quite eager to see what happens next.

I really, really liked Origin, and I'm super duper excited to read this one very soon.

My kiss at midnight...
New Year's is just around the corner, and since I don't party or do anything, really, I've decided to spend the Eve/Day with a book: this one. I adored The Rules for Disappearing and am so stoked to read this one. And when the clock strikes twelve, I shall be kissing Ethan Landry.


  1. Great list. I'm excited to read many of those also!
    Especially Ignite Me, I know EXACTLY what you mean by warm ;)

  2. I didn't love Miss Peregrine's but I still really want to read Hollow City. I need to know what happens to all the kids. The pictures in the first book are really cool, so if nothing else it's worth reading for that. You are so lucky to get to see Laurie Halse Anderson on tour!! I freaking LOVE her! She's like queen of YA (her and Sarah Dessen). I also really want to read Being Sloane Jacobs, but I hope I like it better than Meant to Be because I really wasnt in love with that one. I thought it was fun, but nothing memorable.

    My TTT

  3. I'm reading Cruel Beauty right and And it's starting off AMAZINGLY!! So I have high hopes! I liked the first few books in the vampire academy series! It just kinda fell to the side and I haven't gotten back to it >.< I also CANNOT wait for Infinite!!!!!! EEKS!

  4. Great selection of books! I really hope you enjoy them all. I'm hoping to do better with my Winter TBR than I did with my Fall TBR :-)

  5. AHHHH! You have not read City of Bones OR Vampire Academy!!!!??? WHY WHY WHY! City of Bones you def need to read before the movie. So much was changed and I think it would def make things confusing if you haven't read it! VA though.... that is my all time favorite series EVER. No one compares to Rose and Dimitri.... I seriously reread my dog ears all the time. No one writes romance like Richelle Mead!!! PLEASE READ THEM! haha

  6. And Under the Never Sky--- reaaaad it! I wasn't going to say anything since I scolded you about the other 2... lol but you need to knoooow these characters!! <3

  7. I am with Betty! READ Under the Never Sky its soooo good! I need to start Vampire Academy ASAP, my goal is to at least finish the first book by the time the movie comes out! I added Cruel Beauty to my TBR list today :)

    our TTT
    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

  8. Great list! Cruel Beauty and Crown of Midnight really are brilliant. I hope you enjoy all of these books!

    My Top Ten Tuesday :)

  9. ooh, i cannot wait for the rules for disappearing, too! loved the first book & the author is from Louisiana, like me!

  10. Ignite Me....oh how I cannot wait for this one!!!! I have seen World After on a few lists--gonna have to look it up.

    My TT

  11. Wow, this is a really great list! I hope you enjoyed Angelfall! It was brilliant, especially that last third of the story! I'm going to reread it before I jump into World After (Which I pre-ordered because I was so excited). And you should definitely read the Under the Never Sky series AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! By far one of my most favorites! Happy reading!


  12. Rachel there are so many amazing books on your list that I totally forgot to mention! I am dying to get my hands Ignite Me, I need to know how everything will end! Also Being Sloane Jacobs and The Impossible Knife of Memory! Happy reading and thanks for stopping by! :)

  13. I love how you organized your list! SO cute! You are so lucky to have so many advanced copies! I really hope you enjoy TMI and VA. They're ya must-reads, but to be honest,their sequel/prequel series just may be better. Maybe. TID IS a bit better than TMI and Bloodlines is trying to push VA aside as well. Happy reading!

    Mary @ Mary Had a Little Book Blog
    My TTT

  14. Great list. There are loads on here that I have but haven't got to yet either, really need to get through more books over Christmas! I also really want to read the VA series! Hope you get to them all :) My TTT.

  15. You have an awesome list! I keep hearing great things about The Impossible Knife of Memory. Also dying to read the Susan Ee books...We have a couple of the same picks: Cruel Beauty and Her Dark Curiosity. Here's my TTT.

  16. Your list is awesome. Cannot wait for the new Jodi Meadows and Susan Ee -- so excited!

  17. These all sound like they're going to be good! I am totally with you on Ignite Me and Her Dark Curiosity =P Can't wait to finally read both of them.

  18. I'm behind on Sarah J. Maas, too...need to catch up and read CROWN OF MIDNIGHT! I'll be binging on the Under the Never Sky series right there with you! I'm ready to gulp it all down now that I have the third book! And yes, Laurie Halse Anderson! We'll all be reading this one! You're the second person in a row to mention BEING SLOANE JACOBS. I need it now! CRUEL BEAUTY is also on my list!
    Also! Alexa from Alexa Loves Books and I are co-hosting a Jodi Meadows Read-A-Thon from January 12th through February 1st. We'll read INCARNATE and ASUNDER, then conclude with INFINITE if you have time to fit in your reading then. Definitely join us if you can!

  19. Yes, that ending to The Madman's Daughter! Grr. I finished that one recently and was totally shocked by what happened at the end. You have awesome books on your list. We have similar tastes in books. :)

  20. I dont even know where to start. Cruel Beauty---- easily one of my top three books this year! SO GOOD! Crown of Midnight was also wonderful and I loved it a lot more than the first book. I cant wait for Ignite Me and Infinite, even though I still need to read Asunder haha. Great list!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives


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