Nov 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (59)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

Top Ten Books I'd Recommend To People Who Think Reading Is Stupid

It kind of sort of drives me crazy when people say books are dumb, reading is stupid, it's all fiction and means nothing, blah blah blah. Your opinion is invalid. Books are cool, reading makes you smarter, and while it is fiction, it means EVERYTHING. I'll be honest: this list probably isn't accurate. I love plenty of books, but I had no idea what to put on this list, and I just know I'm forgetting something that should really be on here. Still. Here are ten books that you should maybe read if you think reading is stupid.

I'll be damned if the end of this series doesn't hit you like a train.
Also, side note, but I once saw a comment somewhere saying Tris is Katniss, blah blah blah. No. She is not. Tris does not have a bow and arrow, her hair is not in a braid, and she's not in a love triangle. And, most importantly, if the two were anything alike, then Katniss would've eaten the berries at the end of The Hunger Games and made Peeta the sole victor--which is what Tris would've done.

You've got to have that fluffy (with depth), cute, feel-good, go-to book.

Fantastic writing with real and relatable characters.

It's a mad, mad world and it's not a perfect for life anyone and bad things happen.

To read or not to read: Shakespeare doth not sucketh.

StoryTELLING and imperfect characters.

People are real and, fictional or not, they are not impervious.

The mind of a child is not boring, and children understand their surroundings (yes, they're smart).

There's a reason you're seeing this everywhere (and the government can be bad and have too much control).

Because it's my favorite series and while it's not perfect you could get hooked for fifteen books.

You're doing it wrong.

What books do YOU think people who scoff at the idea of books and reading should read?


  1. I don't know how anyone could NOT like Fangirl or TFIOS. True you might die a little inside reading TFIOS, but I just can't see someone saying it sucked. Anna is a good pick as well. You are so right it's fluffy and deep all at the same time :)

    My TTT

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  2. I really really want to read the Morganville vampires series but it is sooo daunting. Also, I havent read Allegiant yet, because I was spoiled, so i'm just not in as big of a hurry to read it. Totally agree with Hamlet too!

    Also, I can't believe i've never read To Kill A Mockingbird but I didn't have to for school, and I just never picked it up but I WANT to!

    Great list Rachel! Thanks for stopping by Swept Away By Books :)

  3. I loved Allegiant. I know a lot of people were upset but I'd definitely recommend it, along with the Hunger Games, they're both gritty reads but I think they're conversation starters.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books
    My TTT

  4. What are you talking about, I LOOOOVE this list. I would definitely add The 5th Wave - action packed pure entertainment. Anybody who thinks reading is stupid/boring better watch it if they ever start that book.

  5. I love that you called out people who don't think reading is a valid entertainment choice in your post! Here is a big old virtual high five to you!
    My TTT

  6. HAHAHA oh man those ecards! Fantastic book choices of course, but I couldn't stop laughing at your cards!

  7. Wooo TFiOS AND Rainbow Rowell books? Awesome list!

  8. Love this! Fantastic set up and fantastic book chooses(well the ones that I have read anyway). So spot on for so many.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    My TTT List

  9. these are fantastic books & a great list. i totally agree about what you said about tris/katniss, though i've not heard anyone compare them before. they're both super badass, so i can understand why people would lump them together, but they're also completely differently awesome. ~daphne

  10. This is hilarious and totally cracked me up. I agree on every point! Reading is the best!
    Cait @ Book Love

  11. You have some great recommendations! I keep seeing Rowell everywhere, and I really need to start reading her work. Hamlet's my second favorite Shakespeare play after Macbeth. TIGER LILY IS GREAT GREAT GREAT.

    Absolutely hilarious post, too. I don't understand why some people don't enjoy reading. Doesn't make sense at all.

  12. Awesome list! I have a lot of these on my list as well. I really need to read Eleanor & Park and Fangirl! I've heard nothing but good things. :)

  13. I love that you interspersed some great classics in there with the great YAs!

    My TT

  14. Wow this is a really, really great list. So many books that I love myself - Divergent, The Hunger Games & TFIOS. Some I really want to read, especially Eleanor & Park. My TTT.

  15. I LOVE your e-cards. So funny and perfect. This is a great topic choice! I love The HG (of course) and Anna is one of my all-time favorites. I still need to read Tigerlily, but it's been on my TBR for forever. Great list!

  16. I love your topic this week! I completely relate to the "reading is stupid" thing, as I am really the only one in my extended family who is a reader. They just don't know what they're missing! Love the ecards too!

    Our list topic this week was recommended to "Dudes." It's pretty funny and you should take a look!

  17. LOVE the topic and how you presented it :) Awesome idea

  18. Rainbow Rowell's books are always the best. Great list!

  19. I cannot begin to understand people who don't like reading, so I lied reading your recommendations and looking at the hilarious ecard pictures. I agree with the ones I have read—Tiger Lily, The Hunger Games, The Fault in our Stars, and To Kill a Mockingbird—and I'll trust you on the rest.

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT and sorry for the delay in commenting back on yours!


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