Nov 17, 2013

Sunday Spinetry (6)

Sunday Spinetry is a weekly meme hosted by, well, me! 
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This week I finally paid off enough of my late fees at the library to be able to check out books, so I may have grabbed a ton and requested even more (and I have more coming) and gone into overload. So this week's Sunday Spinetry is a library edition, using all the library books I have as of the making of this poem (except for My Life Next Door and OCD Love Story, which I didn't see fitting). And as a little side note, I love the library (free, legal books!).

The bone season, the thief.
If you find me--legend--wise young fool.
Where the stars still shine, the darkest minds taken.
Cherry Money Baby, once red.
Another little piece, time after time.
Starry nights, black city.
Beautiful creatures, monstrous beauty.
Mothership starters.
City of fallen angels.

I hope you liked the poem, and I'm wondering--what book do you think I should read first?

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