Oct 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (53)

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This Tuesday's theme is...

Top Ten Best and Worst Series Enders

Oh, endings. Oh, series endings. They're the big ones, the ones that need to close off at least two books set in the same world and do it in a way that leaves readers satisfied and feeling like they got closure.
Me, I'm a stickler (is that even a word? Am I even using it correctly?) for endings. I like things to end My Way, or at least in a way that I'm okay with. Does that always happen? No. But I need a good ending.
 Remember the ending to Friends? Every time I watch that, I get a little sad. But it's kind of that happy sad, you know? I like that. I want that. And I want a good ending. So. Here are ten series endings that are memorable in some way, shape, or form...told through Friends gifs.

The End to the Anna Duology
One of my biggest issues with endings is that I want more. That's the case with Girl of Nightmares. The ending, though not bad, was just not what I had expected--or wanted--at all, and I was kind of bummed for how things turned out for one of the characters. I just wanted a bit more, and I would love to see a third book.

The End (sort of) to the Mediator Series
The Mediator is one of those series that is just fun. It's pretty light, and it's easy to breeze through six simple, adventurous books. While the ending to this series was fine and ended on a great note, I'm very excited that there's going to be a seventh Mediator book, though it will be set in the future with the characters being older. I have high hopes for it!

The End to the Hunger Games Trilogy
I love this trilogy. (When reading them back-to-back-to-back, I got what I call the Hunger Games High, and it's excellent.) Minus a few deaths and the lack of closure and answers in a few spots, I liked the ending. It showed the future and took care of several problems that were happening in the present. But the main reason I'm a fan of the ending is because of the very last line, which I always remember and just love: 
"But there are much worse games to play."

The End to the Matched Trilogy
I did not love the Matched trilogy, it was simply okay for me. My problem with the finale was that I still had a ton of questions with no answers, and I didn't like that. And while I was kind of sad to say goodbye to the series (which I think I binge read when Reached came out), it was hard to be too sad when I still needed closure and answers.

The End to the Hush, Hush Saga
I thought I really liked the Hush, Hush saga, but as I read the last book and had forgotten a lot of what happened in the previous books, I wasn't sure. For me, the finale was kind of dull. I just wanted more, I expected to get more from something that finally happened, and the epilogue wasn't what I thought it would be. It was just kind of disappointing.  (And a certain death 
was a big "nooo" and "whaaat.")

The End to the Luxe Series
This is one of the most memorable ending to a series I have ever read. I read Splendor a few years, pre-blogging and pre-a bunch of books. I don't think I had read a lot of series enders at that time and had been hurt by many books. But my gosh, THIS ENDING. I was so mad that I cried. These books are great, and I'd gotten over a few things that totally shocked me, but seriously, the ending! Like, you can't do that to me! If you've read this book, you know what I mean. If you haven't, read it! Don't let what I'm saying stop you! I just...Gosh. 
Why would you do that to me, Anna Godbersen?

The End to the Gone Series
I thought I was ready to say goodbye to the Gone series. I'd had some slow times throughout these six books of complete craziness and mindf*ckery, and I thought that, with Light, it was time for the series to end. And while it probably was time to say goodbye, I was surprisingly really sad to say it. Light brought back my love for this series; minus one thing that I wish would've gone differently, this was a fantastic way to end a series. Ho-ly crap. Not only did it stay true to the series, but it answered so many questions and gave closure. And Grant's acknowledgements--fantastic. This, my friends, is how a series should end.

The End to the Twilight Saga
Hate Twilight all you want, but it's one of my favorite series and I LOVE it. When I read Twilight, I started reading everything and decided to be a writer. This series started so much for me and it has such a special place in my heart. So with Breaking Dawn, all that was ending, and that sucked. It's not my favorite book in the saga, and I did not love the ending. (It certainly wasn't what I had expected.) But it told me the one thing I needed to know: that the characters--my babies--were going to be okay. (And the "la-la-la" basically refers to me plugging my ears and refusing to believe that the Twilight saga is over.)

The End to the Delirium Trilogy
Do I really need to explain this one? This another series I thought was okay (and would benefit from a reread), but with that ending...UGH. I got no closure and it was completely unsatisfactory. I'm not even 100% sure which love interest was chosen! And a certain was just too quick for me, which made it seem pointless. This ending just did not work for me.

The End to the Wolves of Mercy Falls
This one's tricky. This ending was good...but not. It just wasn't enough for me. I didn't feel like I got all the answers, yet there was something very sweet about the ending. I guess it worked as an ending, but not necessarily as a series ending. It's not my favorite series ender, and it's not definitely not my least favorite, either.

And because we all love nostalgia:

(Hey, I could've put a gif of Rachel saying 
"I got off the plane.")


  1. Love this! The gifs made me laugh. Especially the Requiem one. I can't believe it ended like that.

  2. Now I wanna finish The Lux series! I read the first two books forever ago, but you make the last book sound amazing! And I'm glad that someone else likes Mockingjay as much as I did!
    My TTT

  3. P.S. the Friends Gifs are the best!

  4. Aww I miss Friends!!! Really cool way to do your list this week!

  5. I'm insanely excited for Mediator #7! I loved this series. I think that having the characters older will work - it worked for me when Meg Cabot made the characters in 1800-where-r -u older so I have no doubt Suze and Jesse will be brilliant a little older! Great list!

  6. ha! this post is awesome!! love all the gifs and your reasoning behind each of your choices! I agree on Girl of Nightmares! Those 2 books were great and even though the ending was bittersweet, I definitely think it called for a book 3!! :(
    Ugh. Reached. Don't get me started on that one. I really liked the idea behind the Matched series, but books 2 and 3 fell short for me. Not enough happened and it just seemed drawn out.
    Oh... Preach on about Requiem! LOL

  7. Great list. Both Requiem and Reached ended up on my worst list.
    My TTT

  8. I have REACHED on my list for the exact same reason! And I totally agree with ANNA I wanted more books with those characters.

  9. You and I are exactly on the same page with Reached, Requiem, and Finale, all of which made my worst list for the same reasons. Poor Scott!!! And I can't wait for Mediator #7 either!

    My TTT

    Mary @ Mary Had a Little Book Blog

  10. Hahahaha omg, this list is fantastic and your gifs are PERFECT. But the only ones I've read of these are Mockingjay and Breaking Dawn! XD I really need to read LIGHT, and I really really really want to read the Anna duology - it's way high up on my "read-as-soon-as-i-have-time" list, lol.

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