Oct 17, 2013

The Return of Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf

It's baaaaack

Dont Look Behind 
the Bookshelf

As you may or may not know, last year I created Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf, a Halloween extravaganza full of interviews and spookiness from thirteen authors. And this year, it's baaaaack. I've got thirteen new YA authors, thirteen posts that are perfect for the creeptastic holiday, and it's going to be a witch cauldron full of fun. 

Now, who are these thirteen authors? I'm not going to tell you--you'll have to wait and see! But I will give you a hint: below is a picture composed of bits and pieces of the authors' covers. Can you guess any? (If so, tell me in the comments! All correct answers will be exempt from a visit by a ghost tonight.) (Seriously.)

Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf will go from now until Halloween and will consist of authors' top lists of this and that. Each day brings a different author and a different post, so be sure to tune in every day! Also, I will still be posting memes and reviews (assuming I actually get anything read), but Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf will be the top post every day.

To recap:

13 Days
13 authors
13 fangtastic posts

There's going to be some of this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And maybe even some of this:

But probably none of this:

(Okay, so this stuff probably won't actually be a part of Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf, but I had to put scary gifs SOMEWHERE.)

So, I'll see you tomorrow as the first ax-wielding, mask wearing-- author stops by to discuss their book(s) and some Halloween-esque topic! I tried to up the anty a bit this year, and I hope you get really spooked and disturbed really enjoy it! Let (the 2nd Annual) Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf begin! (The following picture is you and your computer when you see Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf.)

I know you're biting your nails really excited for it to start.


  1. I didn't catch this feature last year, but I like the sounds of it!! Kate Karyus Quinn's post I have a feeling will be good considering most people said her book was super creepy and scary.

  2. I'm so excited for this! I totally know that Cat Winters is going to be here, cause I saw In the Shadow of Blackbirds up there! Yay! I love her!

  3. This sounds so super awesome! Totally looking forward to these posts. :D Especially after guessing some of the authors...... which I went a little overboard on, but... Megan Shepherd, Natalie Whipple, Kate Karyus Quinn, April Genevieve Tucholke, Cat Winters, Rosamund Hodge, Em Garner, and Teri Brown(???). ...That's all I got.


    Kate Karyus Quinn
    Rosemund Hodge
    In the Shadow of Blackbirds
    April Genevieve Tucholke
    Natalie Whipple
    Megan Shepherd

    and er. Others I don't know

  5. Rachel, your posts are always so creative! I'm epically excited for this!

    P.S. The gifs are CREEP-TASTIC!

    - Emma @ Books Forget Me Knot

  6. I recognized Another Little Piece instantly! Then Cruel Beauty and Across the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea...and House of Ivy and Sorrow. and the goggle picture reminded me of In the Shadow of Blackbirds, but unsure if it actually is that.(Oh! Also, The Madman's Daughter!) AND OMG. The picture of the guy holding the sword looks so familiar!!

    This sounds so fun! :)

    1. YES. I found it...Greta and the Goblin King! I feel so much better now that I found it...I think I have OCD sometimes...

  7. Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and In The Shadow of Blackbirds are two of my favorite novels of the year! Can't wait for them to stop by =D


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