Oct 28, 2013

Review: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Title: Allegiant
Author: Veronica Roth
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publishing Date: October 22, 2013
Pages/Format: 526, Hardcover

One choice will define you.

What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?
What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?

The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered—fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories.

But Tris’s new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. Old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature—and of herself—while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice, and love.

Told from a riveting dual perspective, Allegiant, by #1 New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth, brings the Divergent series to a powerful conclusion while revealing the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent.

Initial Reaction of Book in One Word:

Warning: If you haven't read Divergent, Insurgent, or Allegiant, you are reading this incoherent review at your own risk because there will be spoilers.

This is so fucking hard.

What do you say about a book that makes you feel how Allegiant makes me feel? A book that makes you feel hurt and sick and broken and depressed and sad? A book that made you cry while reading it, when you finished it, when it so much as crossed your mind, when you were in the shower, while you're writing its review? Nothing. But you try to say something.

I considered making this review into a video, but then decided against it because a) I'm so totally crying and b) I sound super dramatic. But part of me stills want to do it so you can see how I feel (is that weird?). Either way, I'm trying to put this book into words, and it's going to be one long rant and review and whatever you want to call it.

Let's get the elephant out of the room: Tris Prior is dead. (It still doesn't seem real, does it?) And because of that, because of that one death, this entire trilogy is changed.

I feel like there's this unspoken, subconscious trust we--or at least I, as I've realized with Allegiant--have in books (and movies and shows, etc.). And that is that certain characters are untouchable. You know when you're a watching movie or a TV show and it looks like a certain character is going to die, but you know they won't because it's that character's show, or that character is just too big to die? And then the movie or show is over and you were right, they didn't die, and that's because they can't. It's that unspoken trust, maybe even a rule of sorts, that certain characters just do not--cannot--die. (Old age is an exception.)

Every book has characters. Some are minor, some are main, but there is always at least one THE Main Character, the person that story is about. Up until Allegiant, the trilogy was all about Tris. If you were to rename the books after a person, they'd be called Tris, not Tobias/Four. And THE Main Character is supposed to be untouchable. The books are about that person and it's their POV and they just can't die, you trust them not to die, and you believe in that trust. So when Tris Prior, THE Main Character in the Divergent trilogy, died, I lost that trust and it HURT.

I understand why characters are killed off. I do. And in books like the Divergent trilogy, with the way the world is, that makes sense--it's not some fairy tale meadow of perfection. BUT. I expect anyone to die, can die, and may die, except for two people (in most cases): THE Main Character and THE Love Interest. I'll be honest, due to things I'd seen about Allegiant (nothing direct, just lots of crying and this and that), I thought Tobias was going to die. And I was freaking out, because I knew that would crush me. And I didn't think Tris's death would effect (affect? Whatever.) me so much, but my gosh, it DID. It DID. I said that if Tobias died I thought I might slip into how I felt after reading TFiOS, and I didn't want to go back there. I hate all that emotion inside, and with Tris's death I think it's WORSE. I honestly kind of feel like throwing up right now (though I did drink water a bit ago, which doesn't help). And I just want the day or hour or minute to be here RIGHT NOW when I can stop mourning her death and feel normal again.

Back to what I said about certain people not dying and how I understand that characters need to be killed off. There are several books where big characters die, and a few love interests, but I can't think of anything where THE Main Character or THE Love Interest died. (With the exception of The Fault in Our Stars, but that's kind of different because it's not a dystopian or anything, it's about cancer. But that book crushed me. So let's not talk about it.) Let's face it: The Divergent trilogy is no small trilogy. It's freaking huge. When you get to the end of a book, especially a series, you have expectations, and for me at least, one of those is Happily Ever After. You expect THE Main Character and THE Love Interest to survive through everything (though they may have some cuts, bruises, emotional damage, etc.) and be together forever and ever and they live happily ever after, The End.

Katniss and Peeta got it. Lena and whoever the hell she chose in Requiem got it (I think). Sam and Astrid (the Gone series) got it. (Diana and Caine weren't, in my opinion, the THEs, otherwise they'd be in the category of one of THE Love Interests dying.) Jack and Schuyler from Blue Bloods got it. Patch and Nora (Hush, Hush) got it. Sam and Grace from the Wolves of Mercy Falls got it. Even HARRY FREAKING POTTER and his Love Interest, plus his two best friends, got it. So why the HELL couldn't Tris and Tobias have it?

Sometimes things happen in books and I say "You can't. You can't do that." Even though, of course, the author can. But it's just not fair. It's so damn unfair. Tris beat death so many times. She survived the simulations, the serums, the executions, the constant battles, the wounds, even freaking DEATH SERUM, and then bam, just like that, she's gone. I still don't want to accept it. Even though I knew she was dead, I still kept waiting for a chapter head to say TRIS instead of TOBIAS. I still waited for it even when the chapters were no longer marked because it's wasn't necessary to differentiate anymore. These books--aside from Allegiant, when Tobias gets a POV, and HMMM, I WONDER WHY--are Tris Prior's story. It's over 1000 pages of her thoughts and her words and her life. And now she's gone and it just freaking sucks because SHE WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO DIE. You don't expect THE Main Character, the person whose POV you read from--for over 1000 pages--to die. Why? Just, why? It ruins everything. I can't look at the damn book, the Book That Shall Not Be Named. I don't even want to use anything associated with her world, I don't want to feel like I'm Dauntless when I wear all black.

The death of Tris Prior puts a damper on the entire trilogy. I'm going to share my thoughts on the book minus Tris's death later, but right now her death is the talk because it's all I can think about it when I think of that book and, well, just about anything. (I was reading a book and it had the word "fortress" and I just, I had to stop myself from crying.) I loved Divergent and Insurgent. They were really, really good books. But now they're ruined because of Allegiant. I don't know that I could ever read them again. I don't see them the same way anymore, now that I know the outcome. (Gosh damn it, I just keep picturing Tris dead, usually on the table, and it sucks.) I'm pretty sure there's no way in hell I'm going to reread Allegiant, and I don't know how the movie is going to go. This ONE book ruins all the others. It changes everything. And that completely, totally, utterly SUCKS.

The worst part about Tris Prior dying is that Tris Prior is dead. When she died, I cried, though I was still hoping she'd come back, she'd be okay, that some kind of magic would bring her back, but that kind of stuff doesn't exist in dystopian novels. I really started crying, though, when Tobias found out and from then on out. You see, when a character dies, they DIE. At the end of most books, I can imagine and picture what the characters might be doing right now, what they might be doing in ten years. But with Tris Prior dying, I can't picture it. I can't picture anything. The imagination stopped, my mind won't let it happen. (I had such troubles sleeping that night after I finished it. It just feels so real. And my mind kept making up its own scenes, I think just with Tobias and with Tris still dead, and I hated it.) I can't picture Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton in their Happily Ever After, that thing they worked so hard for and were so DAMN CLOSE to getting before it was torn from them. I don't necessarily regret reading the books, but I am so unhappy with how Allegiant is making me feel and I just want the book to end with Tris and Tobias alive and happy and together. Is that so much to ask? It is so hard to ask that the FourTris be left standing? Because Veronica Roth took the FourTris down and it's left everything in ruins.

I don't handle death well. I don't. It terrifies me, and I don't have much experience with it. So when a character--especially a big one--I can feel it. And with Tris Prior, I really feel it. It just feels so real, because to me fictional characters ARE real. This may be worse than how I felt after reading The Fault in Our Stars--it's constantly on my mind, my stomach hurts and I'm not eating much, I don't feel good, etc. I just wish, I really, really wish, that Allegiant would've ended differently. Not just because I'm upset--which I am--but because it's ruined the first two books (and probably the movie) for me. I've seen some things Veronica said about the book (but not everything because hello, emotions), but I just don't see it and agree. Yes, Tris learned how to be selfless and she did a very selfless act. But did she have to die doing it? No, I don't think she did.

Is it weird that I want to know where she was shot? Because I do. And when her mom showed up I totally gasped, then I realized she wasn't actually THERE, and then Tris grabbed her mom's hand and NO, TRIS, DON'T GO WITH YOUR MOM. And Tobias, poor, poor Tobias. And the ashes? UGH. If Allegiant gets made into a movie I'm going to be destroyed. Can I just forget I read this book and that that happened? Please?

So, long story short: I am very upset that Tris died, I don't think it was necessary, and I am not taking it well.

Now, onto the rest of the book.

Even without Tris's death, Allegiant is not my favorite book of the trilogy. In fact, it's at the bottom by a lot. I loved the first two and thought they were GREAT, but Allegiant fell really short. Problem number one was that it felt different. If you were to put Divergent and Allegiant next to each other, they don't match up or go together--they both seem so totally different. I didn't like all the newness in Allegiant. And while things happened, I kept waiting for something to happen. I think I was kind of bored and it was kind of slow for the first half of the book. Maybe part of it was the hype--hello, everyone's talking about it and it's the ending to a huge series--but I didn't really love it.

Also, this book was full of tension and frustrations. Something that went through my head at one point (and I'll admit, I was trying to be witty): "FourTris is falling down, falling down, falling down, FourTris is falling down, and SOMEONE BETTER FIX IT." Because if Four and Tris are not together then things are not okay. But we all know how that ended. (I could've lived with a breakup. But death? I'm not liking it.) Because Tobias and Tris were fighting throughout the book, we didn't get a whole lot of their sweet little moments, which stunk, because I love their little moments. But...

THEY DID THE DEED. I was pretty sure it was going to happen (and of course, before one of them died, so tragic), and I am happy it did. Although I'm bummed that's all they really got, because those two, after everything they'd been through--which was a LOT--deserved a Happily Ever After. And I just thought that it was SO CUTE when Tobias lifted Tris over his shoulders and brought her to the couch. SO CUTE. And he kissed her stomach and said "beautiful!" (And I know this sounds wrong, so sue me, but was Tris wearing a bra under her shirt? Because it makes a difference people. It does.) (Yes, I know I'm being pervy.)

So Tris and Tobias get a few moments of happiness, but it's not enough. We lose a few other characters, of course: Edward and Tori, who I didn't really care about, but Uriah I did care about. His death was sad, and his ashes--just UGH. At the end of the book, there were so few people left that were there in the beginning that it was just plain sad. So much death in these books.

I did not like the new characters, for the most part. (Like I said, it was all just so different.) David seemed kind of sketch--and look, he was! I guessed that he had a crush on Natalie Prior, though. And Nita just needed to go. Why couldn't she have gone into the Weapons Room instead of Tris? Speaking of Weapons Room...I didn't want Caleb to go in there and die, but I would've chosen him over Tris. (Also, there's some kind of sick irony that Ansel Elgort's character dies in The Fault in Our Stars but lives in Allegiant and that Shailene Woodley's character dies in Allegiant and lives in The Fault in Our Stars.) I didn't mind Matthew, or Christina and Cara, for that matter. But am I the only person who got vibes of Tris/Matthew and Tobias/Nita or Tobias/Cara? Because there were points where I thought those could be possibilities. Actually, there were several things that were suggestive in the book that made me think things could happen, like foreshadowing.

One more thing about the death of Beatrice Prior: The end. The whole thing with the zip lining and the ashes...it just broke my heart. And Tobias. TOBIAS broke my heart. He lost his love--he and Tris were supposed to be TOGETHER FOREVER. How many couples got a happy ending in this book? So few. So very few. And is Tobias and Christina a thing? Because I'm not sure I like that.

I know I'm forgetting something. (I know what you're thinking: Rachel, you wrote a long-ass review, how the hell could you have forgotten anything?) But with books like this, I want to get every thought down. And writing this review...I feel like once I hit PUBLISH, that's it. It's the last hurrah. The Divergent trilogy really is over. (I'm getting butterflies right now.) I don't even know how to rate this freaking book. Sometimes I post these "goodbye" gifs at the end of a review for a series finale, but for some reason that just doesn't fit here. Maybe because it doesn't feel like it's over. Maybe because I didn't love Allegiant. Maybe because I'm so distraught and unaccepting to the ending. But I will say this:

Do you feel as broken down as I do? Please say yes. Please say I'm not the only person who gets like this over books and fictional characters.

Don't ever say books mean nothing. Don't ever say characters aren't real. Because to me, books DO mean something. Characters ARE real. And if that wasn't the case, I wouldn't be hit so hard--like a freaking train hit me--from the death of a character. Is that real enough for you? Because it should be.

Dear Veronica Roth,
I don't understand why you did some of the things you did in Allegiant, and, gosh, I wish you hadn't, because I just HATE how it makes me feel and I want that feeling to go away so. bad. But I'd also like to thank you. While I'm sorry I didn't love Allegiant and that it, personally, ruined the trilogy for me, I still want to thank you. You created a fantastic world full of characters that I love. You made great books. And you took such big risks. I'm trying to be brave with the series ending, but it's hard.
And so I say, Thank You.
Rachel Patrick

Rest in Peace to every single character who died in this series, most especially to the kickass and badass Beatrice "Tris" Prior. I'm going to miss you. Gosh, I'm going to miss you.

So...I think that's it?

Does anyone have a tissue?

Did I like it? Yes. With one major exception.
Did I love it? I hate to say this, but I don't think so.
Would I reread it? I don't think I could handle it.
Would I purchase it? Already have it. (And I don't like looking at it.)
Who would I recommend it to? People who loved the first two books; those who want to read a fantastic trilogy; people who are okay with their hearts being ripped out.


  1. I totally 100% agree with you. Like don't mind my swearing but she f*cking survived the damn death serum and she dies from a freaking bullet? Like wtf is this bullshit? My review is basically just like yours haha. Don't worry though, it gets better over time. A little. Just a little. But still. WHY?!

    Laura @ Music Plus Books

  2. Of all the comments on the Internet, yours is the most thoughtful and best said from a fan/reader. Great post. And thanks for writing it better than I could have.

  3. The first thing I did after I read Allegiant was text my bestie and said "I hate Virginia Roth". She's currently reading Divergent for the first time so I wouldn't tell her why. Then I sat for a good half hour. I had no idea what to do with myself. I was too shocked to cry again and too sad to do anything else. I couldn't believe it was over and couldn't believe she was dead. I, too, heard the end was sad and thought Four was going to die because VR wouldn't do that. Oh, but she did and I'm still not okay with that. I still don't know how many stars to give the book because I still don't know how to feel

  4. The first thing I did after I read Allegiant was text my bestie and said "I hate Virginia Roth". She's currently reading Divergent for the first time so I wouldn't tell her why. Then I sat for a good half hour. I had no idea what to do with myself. I was too shocked to cry again and too sad to do anything else. I couldn't believe it was over and couldn't believe she was dead. I, too, heard the end was sad and thought Four was going to die because VR wouldn't do that. Oh, but she did and I'm still not okay with that. I still don't know how many stars to give the book because I still don't know how to feel

    1. I agree with all of you guys. I don't get why Tris had to die and in such a cruel way. I hate how Veronica Roth said she had to kill her because she has experience death in Divergent and Insurgent. When I read Divergent I was In love with it. Then came Insurgent then I was in love even more with the connection Tris and Tobias had. I'm sorry to say but Veronica Roth made a bad decision of killing Tris because she has a bunch of readers looking up to Tris and Tobias and she kills one of the main people. So, every time I look at Allegiant of my book shelf i cry or get teary eyes. At the end of the series I was hoping Tris and Tobias would have kids or have a happy ending. But instead she kills Tris and leaves Tobias sad and miserable. In my own opinion Caleb should have dies. I hate how authors have a really strong character in a book and has millions of people looking uo to him or her and does something bad to them such has killing Tris in this situation. I couldn't even finish the book Allegiant until I got over of crying when Tris dies because its hard to let someone who you looked up to and has someone do something bad to them. Right after I read the last installment of series I went in bathroom and cried for about 20 mins then went to my room and cried for another 20 mins. I just cant manage Veronica killing Tris and then letting Tobias suffer. In conclusion Veronica Roth is dumb to kill someone so special and lastly R.I.P Beatrice Prior and let Tobias\ Four have a happy life and hopefully can recover of what Roth has done to him.

  5. Of all of the reviews I have read, and I have a crapton, this is by far my favorite AND so close to my feelings it's scary. I think the point of "selflessness" could've been made with the way this book ended. I'm not even sure I can sit through the movie now...

  6. Reading what Veronica had to say about the decision, I can totally see where's she's coming from, and obviously it's her book, she can make that decision. There have been other books where the MC died, though I can't say I've read any of them personally.

    All that logic aside: yeah, I totally hate that Tris died. I don't think it was necessary. You can make points about selflessness and about Tris's growth as a character without killing her off. I don't go into a series like Divergent looking for a happily ever after with a bow tied on top, but I do want real happiness for the main character. To me, isn't that the point of the journey? There may be terrible things happening, and of course you read for the journey, but you also read to see how that journey will end happily for the main character, at least in a place where there is hope and some aspect of happiness among everything bleak. Even though I wouldn't have liked it either, I could see that Four might've died, because while he was a big aspect of the books, he wasn't the main character. To me, killing Tris is just... it kills off hope, and her making a selfless sacrifice? I just don't care about that aspect, which maybe makes me seem petty or something, I dunno.

    Basically, I totally see where you're coming from. It didn't wreck me quite as much, but it definitely did effect me.

  7. I read Divergent, and absolutely loved it to pieces. Then I read Insurgent, and even though it wasn't exactly how I would've liked it to be,I loved it. But then I read Allegiant, and I cried. I cried during Divergent and also Insurgent, but those were definitely different tears. I cried because a character I really liked died, such as her mother or father, or when she killed Will (Actually I was too shocked when she killed Will to do much crying), or when they found Al's body. But when I cried during Allegiant, it was different. When you liked the other books in the series so, so much, it's kind of hard tho handle when they series finale is so, so awful. Almost all of the characters in the story that I actually liked died. Did she really have to kill off all of them like that? And I know how most people say it would've been better tho just kill off Tobias since he was not THE main character, but he was my favorite, and it wouldn't have been much different if he died instead of Tris. Tris would be depressed, and cry all the time, and the teaser would still be shocked. After all of that, after all the fighting, Tobias always finding Tris, and Tris always finding Tobias and them saving eachother and saving Chicago, and trying to save their loved ones and making it all that way just for one of them to end up dead and the other one alone. I cried and cried after the ending, I couldnt stand the feeling of knowing Tris Prior, the main character, that made it through EVERYTHING before that, and she ends up dead just because some guy shot her a couple times. Its just not fair. I honestly spent all school day thinking about what it would be like if we were all dauntless (Okay, maybe not ALL day, but there were a couple moments when the book crossed my mind and I just got a rush, a feeling that I wanted to be like Tris... but now I dont want to be like her, because she is dead...), and how awesome it would be to run around shooting people and saving the world. Well now I dont want to do that if me and all of my friends and loved ones would ultimately end up dead by getting shot it some terrible place. I know this is really long, or at least I feel like it is long but it probably isnt. And im sorry if theres a few spelling mistakes. I know I want to watch the Divergent movie though I will probably be crying because I know Tris dies and Tobias ends up alone just left with Cristina, Zeke, Caleb, and a couple others I dont have time to name them...


    1. After I read Allegiant, i sat there crying for a vert long time too stunned to do anything. I mean i didnt want VR to kill Tobias but why did she have to kill tris?? Tris, the main character, tris the divergent that tobias loved, tris who is so selfless and brave. When i read divergent, i felt like i was a part of Tris. I knew her feelings and thoughts, so when i got to Allegiant, i was bawling and crying so hard my throat hurt. I know the hurt will go away, but Tris's death stung me so hard, i dont think ill ever feel the same about the Divergent trilogy ever again. I was waiting for a happy ending, but i never got one.

    2. Hey even me. Throughout the whole divergent and insurgent I felt like Tris was in me. She was my inspiration and all of a sudden she just...died...I cried for 2 days nonstop. My mom thought I was mad. But then I read a fan page. In that, they had cut out Tris' death part and continued the story with a happy ending . You should read it. It will remove all the hurt.

  8. Well Allegiant kinda ruined me. Like, the whole trilogy's amazing and I got super-attached, but this is really really hard to handle. I usually don't cry about books, movies etc, and somebody already spoiled it for me before I even started the series, but this is so heartbreaking and left me sitting shocked and depressed for ages. In class. Could hardly listen because I was too busy grieving over Tris. I got really worried when I knew I was getting to THE part, and BAMMM. The zip-lining part in the end was so beautiful. I couldn't cry (don't judge me please), which is the weird thing about me since I get so heartbroken and sad and touched and depressed and shocked AND, but my eyes stayed dry and my heart just got crushed and I don't know if I'll... I don't know. I so love Tris and I miss her, and I ship FourTris like crazy, and I'm so sad and worried for Tobias, who I also love. Gosh I don't know what to think anymore! I read an alternative ending by this really good young writer who wrote this ending in the same tone as Veronica, and I feel like I don't want to go back. Not back to the Allegiant where Tris is dead. Sorry. I needed to rant.


  10. Thought Caleb would come in and shoot David before he shot Tris. Would have been a better way to go. Definitely heartbreaking ending.

  11. I also thought Caleb would stop being a selfish coward for once and save his sister.. I read Veronica's thoughts on why she had to kill Tris, and I get it but I still don't agree. I know life is not fair and you can't always have a happy ending, I mean look at the Hunger games, Catniss ends up with Peeta but I wouldn't exactly call that a happy ending. I thought Tobias and Tris stood more of a chance. Like they actually really loved each other and they would still carry the scars from all the things they went through but they had a chance to be happy.. it just seems so unfair. Life is sad enough, when you read a book and get lost in a story you want to forget how sad life is and how life is not a fairy tale. Even its a dystopian novel, they went through so much, they both deserved it. Its bullshit. Utter bullshit. I don't think I will watch the movie. I have never cried so much. I feel wrecked.

  12. I agree with you completely. To me it wasnt even that she died but how she died. There was no closure for Tobias or Tris. How do you just completely kill a charecter like that and she died alone. I dont liket the book either but not due to the death but the entire book as a whole wasnt like the first two. If you knew you were going to kill Tris why have Tobias and her fighting so much. If she had to die because she was saving the city like you said it wasnt a big deal to die over it. She should have loved Tobias more than just leave him like that. I hated all the new characters and new all of them were shady cause lets face it they were Government Employees and no one can trust the Government. Tris is such a fighter she should have tried to fight to hang on and say goodbye to Tobias not just give up at the end

  13. I also really hate that Tris died! I mean come on isn't she supposed to at least have an happy ending after all the sacrifices that she'd gone through? :'( I already imagined what her life's going to be with Tobias after they have successfully completed their mission. Ugh -_- I just can't get over what happened.. and btw, is there a Tobias and Christina thing going on? Because like you, I sort of don't like the possiblity of it happening...

  14. Screw this bullshit I'm writing my own story. It envolves Tobias and Tris having two children in Amity's sirinity, named Toby and Bea. Why? Because she died for no reason. She died unfairly, no one wanted to avenge her, no one felt she died for no reason. She was killed trying to accomplish something that would help everyone, and that is just not fair. Life's not fair, but that doesn't mean we have to agree. I now feel bad for buying this piece of shit book and I'm getting a refund. A nice happy ending would make us feel good and giggle. But no, they had to open a fresh wound on top of when the others died, like Al. When something is just so happy and giggly, that's when someone dies. I don't get it, why kill her off? They could have made much more money just having a nice ending without the goddamn death. They could have made an entire book out of the ending of the happy ending story. Maybe two.

  15. I've been searching the internet after finishing the trilogy yesterday because I couldn't stop thinking about it or stop being upset by it. You're review is exactly what I would have written. Tris didn't need to die she could have lost the use of her right arm from being shot so many times in it or had to have lived with a scar like Johanna's but she didn't need to die!!! From all things a gunshot wound when she should have had her gun with her to begin with!! I didn't like the suggestive material of tobias sneaking off with Nita in the middle of the night or touches and glances with cars. Or tris flirting with Matthew. I felt so much love between them like they wouldn't even look 2x at someone else. The ending leads me to believe him ad Christina wind up building a relationship together - and that tris would have wanted it that way. She loved them both and killed will she probably would have wanted them to wind up together. The whole thing just sucked so bad!! I feel broken after reading it

  16. I agree with you completely - if she wanted tris to sacrifice herself she could have just lost the use of her right arm from being shot so many times or had to live with a scar like Johanna's - no matter what physical disability she walked away with tobias would have loved her. I hated allegiant I hated all the suggestive material of tobias with cara and Nita and tris and Matthew - I felt like their love was so strong they wouldn't even look 2x at someone else. I keep rereading the last few chapters and it really seems like tobias and Christina wind up together. On the train going to spread the ashes she writes that Christina leans against tobias shoulder for a few moments and when Christina goes to his house in abnegation she tells him he's worth living for and keeps embracing him and tobias says he sees what tris saws in her and can't help but like her. That her hands are warm and calloused and he doesn't want to become a calloused man he has another option in front of him and literally Christina is in front of him and has her hands on hi shoulders. Then how it ends when he says "we can mend each other" ugh Veronica Roth really fucked this book up!!! But the only thing that makes me feel better is thinking tobias does move on to a better life and isn't alone. At least Christina really knows him. I would have been easily been more upset if tobias had died than tris

  17. I just finished reading this book and it is 3:31 am and there is no hope of sleep tonight. I still can not believe that Tris is dead! I agree with everyone that her death is completely unnecessary. After everything that Tris and To bias went through, they deserved a happy ending! I am so upset and so heartbroken that it is hard to form coherent thoughts about this. I desperately wish I had some memory serum to make me forget what happened. I agree that the basic trust between reader and author has been broken. Knowing that Veronica likes to kill her main and most beloved characters to make a point, I will probably never buy another one of her books. I can't risk falling in love with another one of her characters just to have my heart ripped out again. It hurts to much.

    1. I agree. I don't want to read another book by Veronica Roth. I did appreciate what another reader said about at least Christina is left to comfort Tobias. And really... keep David alive??? She should've killed him. I just watched Insurgent, the movie. Completely different! Maybe the movie, Allegiant will have a different ending.

    2. Does it have a different ending in movie insurgent ? I also feel that they should keep a happy ending at the end of allegiant movie

  18. Ok so I just finished reading this last night. I agree with pretty much everything you say about this book. While I expected Tobias to die at some point I never expected it of Tris. And I think one of the reasons that it is hardest for us to accept is the way Roth has written these books. By choosing to use the first person narrative told by the main protagonist (Tris), we see the world as Tris sees the world. Effectively, Roth made the reader Tris. And when she killed Tris it felt like she was killing us.

    I have some far deeper issues with the fact that I don't find her death realistic to her character the way it was done. I mean, she fought the death serum by her strong will to live. We have always known she had a strong will, that is how she fought the simulations and all the other serums. So suddenly when she is shot her will is gone and she decides it's time to die? She didn't even fight death when a minute before she was thinking only about living? I don't buy it. It just doesn't seem true to the story to me.

    And now that I have had my heart ripped out by the author, I will likely never read this book again. I usually read a series 3-4 times if I like it. I loved Divergent and Insurgent. But this completely ruined the entire series.

  19. I absolutely hated the ending! There was no point in killing Tris! I almost didn't bother reading the epilogue! I only did because I felt like I owed something to Tobias. I completely agree with this review it reflects exactly how I feel! It wasn't the way such a great trilogy should end. I have never felt this way before, but I hope Hollywood changes the ending in the movie.

  20. I just finished reading the book yesterday. since then, I've been searching the internet to see if anyone else feels the same way as me. and then I found you :) honestly, tris's death took out a part of me. the only other book that affected me as much as this one is TFIOS. but omgomgomg tris cant dieeee. poor, poor tobias :(
    and what about Christina? tris told Christina that she would always be there for her. I hate this so much I didn't even sleep last night.

  21. Thank you so much for writing this review! I had just finished reading the book yesterday and felt so distraught with the ending and needed someone to rant to. I kid you not, I agree with 100% of what you said – I swear this review could have been written by me as it summed up all my feelings, views and frustrations about it ENTIRELY, especially the parts about Roth breaking the unspoken rule that protagonists are untouchable, how the Allegiant has ruined the whole series for me, the lack of happy FourTris moments, and even the part about getting vibes of Tris/Matthew, Tobias/Nita, Tobias/Cara and Tobias/Christina which by the way is NOT cool. I wish I could somehow erase my memory of the end of Allegiant and plant an alternate ending where Tris survives in there instead. Roth really needed to learn how to differentiate between selflessness and self-sacrifice, and if she had done so, she wouldn't have felt like it was necessary to kill off Tris. Anyway, rant done, and thanks again for your review :)

  22. I feel that Tris's death deprived Caleb of a much needed atonement for his actions concerning his sister. There should have been a scene in which Caleb finally shows some backbone, instead of being the weasel he is, and maneuvers Tris away from him to complete his job of getting to the weapons lab.

    While I understand Roth's intention to fulfill the cycle of self-sacrifice started by Tris and Caleb's parents, the real sacrifice/redemption cycle should have concluded with Caleb's death not Tris's.

    Roth does represent what happens in real life in a situation of sacrifice. So often those who have learned to love unconditionally die early because they have finished what they needed to learn while in the earth. The others who have not learned this need to remain here. But this is fiction in a genre that is more acceptable with the heroine intact and alive.

    Philip Pullman wrote an emotionally wrenching scene in his final novel of "The Golden Compass" trilogy with the last book, "The Amber Spyglass" in which Will and Lyra must separate for their entire lives. This caused enormous depression for many readers as well as the final novel from Roth with her series.

  23. Thank you for writing this post! I just finished the Allegient during my lunch break and I am at work crying behind my computer right now searching the web for someone who feels the same I do... I am so glad I found your blog, now I don't feel like I am the only one or like I have emotional issues anymore. It makes me feel better even if its death still hurts. :s And this stupid Tobias who wanted to reset his memories, I kind of freaked out for a moment! I love this trilogy but I didn't like this last book, I didn't like the fact that everything was a lie and that they are just living in our boring world. I don't think I am ready to start a new book soon... I need time. Hope you feel better now :) Thank you again!

  24. So I have only read the first book but I to get far too emotionally invested in books like this so I had to find out if one of them died/if they ended up together. I have to say even though I have only read the first I'm glad I read this review! I would have been pisses if I read all three just to find out she dies. Our world is sad enough, I read to escape that not sink deeper in it. Thank you for your wonderful review. As sad as it is I will not be reading the series any further.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


  26. I finished earlier this week, and I still am having issues dealing with this. This is one of the worst book hangovers I've ever had! I'm trying to read something totally opposite to take my mind off of this, but I'm devastated. Ugh. All the feels.

  27. i completely 100% agree with this. It is my thoughts exactly. The only thing that I don't agree with is that Tris and Tobias did IT. Someone interviewed Veronica Roth and asked her if they did it, and she said that she leaves it to the readers to decide. She knows if they did or didn't, but won't reveal it ands is leaving it to us to decide. So even though I like to think they did, they might not have done it.

  28. I just finished Allegiant. Clearly I am late to the game but I read the series in a matter of a week. Right now I cannot handle the despair that has taken over my heart. I am crying as I type this and I am sure that Tris' death will haunt me for the rest of life. I am glad that I am not the only one devastated by her death. I agree with you, Tris' death has forever marred the Divergent series.

  29. Yeah I think Tris's death ruined the series. I would've liked Uriah with Christina, Tris with Tobias, Cara with a changed Caleb... and David & Nita dead. Tobias continuing to live with sadness is really cruel. And yes, Veronica Roth you could've pleased readers. Don't care for the series after Tris's death.

  30. I was totally upset after tris's death. I just can't believe it even now. I really really wish Veronica Roth would write another book as a come back for tris. Please write an alternate ending Roth.


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