Oct 31, 2013

Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf: That's A Wrap!

Dont Look Behind 
the Bookshelf
You, my dear, dear readers, survived thirteen days of Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf. At least, I think you did. Are you okay? You're looking a little pale...Anyway, since today is Halloween, that means Don't Look Behind the Bookshelf is, unfortunately, over. But just in case you missed something or want to see it again, here's a quick recap!

Day 1: Top Ten Halloween Icons 
You'd Want To Escape From

Elisa Nader

Day 2: Top Ten Spells You'd Create For Yourself

Teri Brown

Day 3: Top Ten Female Monsters

Emily Pohl-Weary

Day 4: Top Ten Animal-Human Hybrids

Megan Shepherd

Day 5: Top Ten Tastiest Brains

Em Garner

Day 6: Top Ten Tips For Budget Dining With The Savages

Matt Whyman

Day 7: There Will Be Blood

Kate Karyus Quinn

Day 8: Top Ten Creatures That Would Be 
The Hardest To Catch

Chloe Jacobs

Day 9: Top Three Favorite Curses

Rosamund Hodge

Day 10: Top Ten Coolest Costumes Ever

Natalie Whipple

Day 11: Top 6(66) Bloodsuckers

Elizabeth Richards

Day 12: Top Ten Favorite Haunted Sites

Cat Winters

Day 13: Top Ten Villains Whose Hands 
You Wouldn't Mind Holding

April Genevieve Tucholke

I know I've said this a hundred times already, but, once again, I would like to thank you. Thank you for reading all these posts. Thank you for learning from and taking the time to hear from thirteen fangtastic authors. Thank you for supporting my blog. Just.


But since this is Halloween and we're behind the bookshelf and all (so much worse than under the bed, you don't even know) I'm obligated to say this (or else the goblins come after me):

Maybe I'll see you again next year? But for now, go read ALL THE BOOKS. And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

That's a wrap.


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