Sep 22, 2013

Sunday Spinetry: Introduction

Hello, bookworms! Today starts a new and (hopefully) weekly feature on Beauty and the Bookshelf called Sunday Spinetry! Inspired from a way to enter a contest I once participated in from Jessica Khoury, (and which I later used to write some poems for a poetry class), Sunday Spinetry (Spine + etry from poetry) takes book titles and turns them into a poem. Like this:

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"

The Truth About Forever:
Fragile Eternity, Darkest Mercy--Uninvited
Undone, Unknown, Unseen, Unbroken
When it Happens--Stolen
The Scarlet Letter, Torn
Once Upon a Curse
Never Eighteen
Something Strange and Deadly
Hourglass, Endangered
What's Left of Me, If I Stay?
Before I Fall, Thirteen Reasons Why
The Fault in Our Stars
Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life
Last Breath
What Happened to Goodbye?

I try not to add in any words, but you totally can! I just thought I'd do this to add something to the blog and inspire a little creativity. If you decide to do your own, that'd be so cool! Please just link back to here and tell me in the comments where you posted so I can check it out!

In the meantime, pull those book spines out and make some sweet poetry!

(Also, a lot of this is/may be tentative. The name. When I post. My header--I can't decide if my eyes showing is creepy! But either way, I hope to make this a continuous feature on Beauty and the Bookshelf.)


  1. I LOVE THIS!! So clever and fun.

    And I really like your eyes in the header. Thank you for sharing this with us!!


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