Aug 20, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (47)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

Top Ten Things That Make Your 
Life as a Reader/Blogger Easier

These things are kind of like one giant EASY button, and I'm grateful that they exist. Without them...I don't even want to think like that. I can't say that they are necessarily my top ten, but they're definitely ten things that help ease life as both a blogger and a reader.

The Enchanted Library
AKA Goodreads
Without Goodreads, I'd have a less organized (or nonexistent) way of keeping track of several things: how many books I've read total; how many books I've read in a year; what books I want to read; being able to stalk what other people reading.

The Gas-Saving Library
AKA The Library's Website
I would have so many (more) overdue books and library fees if my library didn't have a website where I could log on and see my requests (plus when they're shipped and when they arrive) and see what books I have out and when they are due. Plus, I can request a book just by going online. It's so much easier, and not that I don't love the library, but I only have to go in to pick up or return books.

AKA My Youth
Okay, so I think I'm old, but that's because I'm afraid of growing up. Nevertheless, while I can't always resist sleep for a book, sometimes I can, and then I stay up until the a.m. and the sun comes up, and it's nice to be able to do that with too many consequences.

One Person's Trash is My Treasure
AKA Secondhand Stores
I try to frequent stores like Goodwill and Value Village (did you know DOLLAR TREE has books? And some are familiar? And in HARDCOVER?!), and that's where I buy quite a few of my books, as well as at garage sales. (Let's not talk about how many books from places like that I've recently acquired that I need to put on my shelves.) (Thirty-something.) Not only do I find great books there and wonder who on earth would get rid of them, but, as a poor college student, I can get books (and CDS and such) for a very nice price.

I See the Light
AKA Booklights
I can read. In the dark. Without a big, obnoxious ceiling light glaring at me as I try to stay awake. Also, reading in the car when it's dark! (And I'm not driving, of course.)

Now I Know My A-B-Cs...
AKA The Alphabet
Without it, I wouldn't be able to read, and my books would not be organized, which is not okay.

Tweet Tweet Tweet
AKA Twitter
Twitter keeps me updated on everything, and notifies me of what is happening. Also, it's my life.

Those Breaks in Reviewing
AKA Memes
When you're in a slump or are too busy to read and get many reviews up, it's nice to have something quick and simple (like Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday) that you can do so you have at least something being posted on your blog.

I'll Be There For You
AKA Friends
Friends of the blogging and reading type are so awesome. They understand the hardships you feel when blogging and the feels you feel when reading. We are all like twins, but times a bajillion.

That Place I Love 
(Exotic Place Included)
AKA Amazon
I know some people really don't like Amazon, but I love it. There are so many things to buy (books), and as a college student with very little money, when I need to buy a book, it's my go-to place, mainly because it's cheaper than most booksellers. Also, when I had an issue with an order, they were so quick to get it fixed, and that was GREAT.


  1. "I'll be there for you AKA friends". I think this is my favorite! I also don't know how I forgot to put used bookstores on my list! I have this amazing one that looks like and Indie it's so clean and neat. Best part, no book is over $5! This is a wonderful list!
    My TTT

  2. Good list, I agree that memes and the ability to stay up late does probably helps me with blogging as well.

  3. I love my libraries website as well. It's so easy to put books on hold and they come in pretty quickly. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't put books on hold, it'd be a disaster D:

  4. The alphabet... Obvious, but taken for granted.

    Great list!

  5. Great list- I also love my library's website. I request so many books that they don't have on the shelf!

  6. I also love my library's website. And I love that you call goodreads the enchanted library. Great list!

  7. I agree, memes can be a lifesaver.


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