Apr 11, 2013

Interview: Madison Louise

Hello, bookish peeps! Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Storm by Madison Louise, hosted by Itching for Books! I'll share with you everything you need to know about the book, an awesome interview with the author, and a giveaway. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

Title: The Storm
Author: Madison Louise
Publisher: Madison Louise's Books
Publishing Date: April 14, 2013

Nothing was ever the same again. 

Millicent Parker, and her two brothers, have been alive for over two centuries and counting.

Ever since a storm changed their lives, a storm that gave them powers to create storm elements, Millicent and her brothers have been through every war, trend and crisis throughout history since then.

When it's time to come out of hiding yet again, Milli sets out to what she thinks will be yet another long three years of high school, another long school year without friends, another long life without Felix. 

But when Felix somehow appears at her new school after 282 years, Millicent is excited, confused, and heartbroken. Felix doesn't want her anymore, his attention is focused on his new girlfriend. 

Then, something strange happens...Millicent finds out that her and her brothers aren't the only ones with storm powers.

Felix Walter can control thunder.

But when disaster strikes, taking everything, and everyone she's ever loved and cared about. Will Millicent fight back? Or will she give into the people who took everything from her?

The Interview
In the form of a tweet, please describe The Storm.
One storm. Three siblings. One love. Will they make it out alive?

According to the synopsis, The Storm features centuries-old siblings, an old flame, and storm-like powers. How did you come up with such an idea?
It was a dream actually. I woke up that next morning, and right after breakfast, I was writing away. (Even though I tweaked it little. Hehe)

Tell us about the main characters. What's a random fact about each of them?
Millicent: She plays the piano, and she’s really good at it.
Felix: He wears an engagement ring, even though men usually don’t.
Michael: He loves to eat, even almost three centuries, and he still eats like a teenage boy!
Matthew: He’s very protective, and always tries to do what’s best for the family.

Congratulations! You're a tribute in the Reader Games! Three fictional characters are your allies and three are your enemies. Who are they?
Woah! So sudden! Hm, for my team: Percy Jackson, Amy Cahill and of course, Millicent Parker. My enemies: Cole from the Everneath series, Ian Kabra, and Meghan from the Iron Fey.

How would you describe yourself using the letters of STORM?
S: super awesome!
T: totally cool.
O: original.
R: Rants a lot.
M: Marvelous.

The lightning round of random questions!

Justin Bieber or One Direction?
One Direction!

Doritos or Cheetos?

Thunder or lightning?
Wow. That’s hard…hm, since Felix comes with thunder…thunder. ;)

Vampires or werewolves?

Do you think Pluto still belongs as a planet in our solar system?
I think it deserves it. Since it’s been a planet for so long.

The Author
Madison is a teen homeschool writer, writing away the stresses of life.

She lives in Ohio, with her parents and her younger sister. She also loves to dance, (she’s a whiz at Just Dance) and reads as many books as she has time for. The songs she listens to be inspiration are from Disney Channel’s Camp Rock and High School Musical. Her computer is full of unfinished books. 

Her debut novel, Shadow Future, is about a girl who tries to find herself, and tries to get through life, as it throws it's worst at her—paranormal style. 

The Giveaway
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