Aug 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (3)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Tuesday's theme is...

Top Ten Bookish Confessions

I almost skipped this one because I had no idea what to say. I think of myself as a newish blogger still for a multitude of reasons: I don't blog enough, I didn't really get into it until recently, I don't have a lot of content, etc. But then I came up with some bookish confessions, and, well, here you go!

1. I haven't read and finished an entire book since the middle of July.
True story. The last book I read was The Selection. Sure, I've started a few, but I have yet to finish them. And I reread parts of the Morganville Vampires books, but I didn't read an entire one. I've been a very, very bad reader lately.

2. I neglect the books on my bookshelf.
And, more recently, my library stack. Because I've been such a horrible reader lately, books I have from the library are getting returned without getting read. As for books on my bookshelf--well, I have such a hard time getting to them because they don't have due dates. I know, I'm bad. 

3. I have started several books, but not finished them.
There are numerous books that are just waiting for me to finish them. This is usually because a book came along that I had to read first, I had a hard time getting into the book, or I just haven't finished it yet. This would be Pushing the Limits, Lost in Time, and Endure, among others. 

4. I've gotten out of series, or have yet to finish or continue them.
I loves series, I do. They're the best because I can see more and more of my favorite characters and stories. However, there are some that I have fallen out of or just haven't read all the books in yet. Shame on me! See: The Need series, the Fallen series, House of Night, the Shade series, and the Blue Bloods series, among others.

5. There are several big-time books that I haven't read.
The Mortal Instruments, Delirium, Nightshade, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Cinder--you name, I probably haven't read it. (If there's a book you think I must read, let me know in the comments and I'll add it to my list!) 

6. I am a polygamist.
Not really. But I'm in love with so many fictional boys that I'm considering becoming one so that I can have them all.

7. There are books that people loved that I thought were just okay.
Beautiful Creatures, Fallen--they didn't do much for me. That's probably why I haven't read all the books.

8. I'm a book hoarder.
I guess you could call it that. I like to enter contests because, hey, who doesn't like free stuff? But I like to win books because I like to collect them. I love having books. The more, the merrier. My bookshelves are pretty much out of space but I don't care; I want more! You've seen Beauty and the Beast, right? That library? I WANT.

9. I don't understand why book covers change.
I really don't, especially when I think the original cover was way, way better. And it bugs me. I'll see a cover I like, and I want it, but maybe I can't get it yet. (I ain't rich, ya'll.) Then I go back to get it, it's gone, and there's a not-as-cool cover in its place. I like the first cover, so why can't we keep it? The worst is when they change the cover mid-series so that my copies I do own won't match. That's not okay. Some examples of covers I liked better the first time around (no bashing or new cover hate intended): Shade/Shift, Nightshade, Across the Universe, Delirium.

10. I judge a book by its cover.
I do. I can't help it. I'm not going to go to a library or bookstore and read the synopsis of every single book there. That would take forever. The cover draws me in, so of course the ones that grab my attention are the ones I'm going to look into. I know I'm not the only person who does this; it's really hard not to. The eye sees what the eye sees! My most recent example: I just saw a book on Barnes and Noble's website with a chimpanzee on the cover in the upcoming releases section for teens. I love chimpanzees, and there aren't a lot of YA books with chimps in them, so of course I was interested! (The book was Endangered by Eliot Scherfer.) Covers: they sell a book.

I'm surprised I came up with 10 bookish confessions, but there you go! What are your bookish confessions? Share them in the comments!


  1. I just did mine, after reading a few posts I finally got inspired and did mine.

    I'm finally listening to the last of the Fallen books and it is driving me nuts. Luce is really annoying actually when you have to listen to every whiny word she says. I also though MOrtal Instruments were ok. I just don't really like Jace's character nor Clary but the overall story arc is interesting enough for me to keep on reading.

    I'm terrible at neglecting books on my shelves too. I have stopped trying to get arcs lately so I can just read stuff that are on my shelves that I have been wanting to just read for the fun it of. I might not even write up full length reviews for them either and just read to enjoy it.

    Here is mine that I just finished 2 minutes ago

  2. I totally am a book hoarder as well! I also neglect the books on my shelves.

    And sigh, I have not read Fallen but I don't think I would like it.

    My TTT

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  4. I haven't read any of the book named books you mentioned either and I haven't finished a book since July either.


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