Jul 25, 2012

YA Crush Tourney: Round 2!

I meant to post about this forever ago, but that didn't happen. So, in case you've been under a rock or something these past few weeks...


It was close, very close, but he won! At first he was winning. Then his opponent Eddie got the lead. Then, in the last several minutes, Sam pulled through and won! It was totally awesome and wonderful, and I want to thank Eddie's advocate Chandra at Unabridged Bookshelf for putting up such a great game! It was nice working with her!

So, Sam won his first round. Now what?


This is happening on Wednesday, July 25th, and Sam is up against Adam from Shatter Me.

I have absolutely no idea how this will go. So, to help Sam win, GO CRAZY.

GO CRAZY (v): tell everyone (and everything) to vote for Sam. Post about it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, your blog, Myspace--everywhere. Graffiti it somewhere legal. Post it on the message board at Starbucks. Shout it to the world. SPREAD THE WORD!

See my post about WHY you should vote for Samuel K. Roth here.

It would be absolutely, positively, fantastically amazing if Sam won this round and made it to the next round (where he'll go up against Will Herondale or Zachary Moore, I believe).

One last thing. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sam truly is amazing. All bias aside, I'm 100% serious. I've reread parts of the Shiver series in preparation for this tournament, and I had completely forgotten how sweet and wonderful and crush-worthy Sam was. No. Joke. I love him. (And he loves you, too.)

A vote for Sam is a vote for...well...The Wolves of Mercy Falls!...And Sam, of course!

(Not sure what to tweet? Here's some help!)

It's a SHIVER that will LINGER with you FOREVER. Vote for Sam! #TeamSam #SamsPack #YACrushTourney http://www.ya-sisterhood.blogspot.com

And a huge huge huge THANK YOU (full of howls) to everyone who has voted and will vote for Sam! None of this could happen without you!

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