Sep 17, 2010



   If you didn't read the sidebar, you may not know who I am. Well, let me tell you. My name is Rachel, and I am The Reader on "For The Love Of Reading." What is "For The Love Of Reading," you might ask? Well, FTLOR is the title of my Senior Project, which is going to be an author event! (For more info, ask!) Anyways, I created this blog for two reasons: 1) To help build hype and provide information for my Senior Project, and 2) To review all the books that I love and read, and to post any interviews that I have with authors.
   As you may notice, none of that is here yet. That's because I just started For The Love Of Reading, and I haven't had a chance to do any of that yet. But if you stay tuned in, you'll see something up in a few days!

The Reader

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